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New 2024 Wayne County Republican Committee Membership Structure & Fees

At the November 27, 2023 WCRC meeting, the Membership Committee presented a new
membership structure for 2024. The committee spent many months collecting data which

  • Reviewed past membership forms and brochure, the current structure, noticing levels utilized and to what degree.
  • Conducted interviews, scanned numerous membership structures of comparable political organizations, local and across the state of Michigan.
  • Examined member type and participation levels.

The New 2024 Membership standards include the following:

  • The new membership system begins January 2024.
  • Dues can be paid any time of the year and will run for 12 months effective date of
  • Each year there will be a review & assessment of the membership system.
  • Membership at any level allows a member to participate on a subcommittee.
  • Memberships which include tickets to our signature event – that amount will be held in
    reserve to support the event.
  • Name recognition for all membership levels will be posted on the WCRC website.
  • All members are automatically enrolled on the WCRC email list and newsletter.

We are seeking a volunteer to serve as liaison between the membership committee and the
treasurer to maintain a system of membership record keeping including processing dues, benefits,
renewals, etc. Please contact the Membership Committee chair, Deborah Dembeck, if you are interested.

As in the past the membership fee is one of the ways we raise funds to support the mission and
purpose of the WCRC. I urge everyone to sign up today to be a member, so we can increase the
funds we will have available to support candidates in 2024. I will be making a commitment to
purchase an America First membership for $1,000.


Ann Clark, Chair
Wayne County Republican Committee


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