December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Wayne County,

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ, I hope everyone will reflect on the blessing of family and friends.  

In the new year, we must assemble an army to enable victory in 2024.  On our website you will find committees and activities that suit your interests and skills. Get trained to vet election workers, volunteer for our Campaign Academy, or contribute to our standard committee efforts.  

We will be conducting an Introductory Fundraising Class, Vetting Training and more.   

Go to “Get Involved”  on our website and sign up today to volunteer or check out our upcoming training and meetings.   Be part of the victory in 2024.

Thank you for all your help and support for 2023 and have a blessed and joyous New Year.


Ann Clark

Vetting the Election Workers

It is that time again! 

We need volunteers to research the political authenticity of those seeking to work at the polls.  If this is something that interests you, please contact the WCRC Chair, Ann Clark.  You will be thoroughly trained and can choose to work this important volunteer position from home.  More details to come!

Change Equals Opportunity

James Keys, the former CEO of 7-11 and Blockbuster, shared his philosophy for success in business.  He coined the phrase “Change Equals Opportunity” to describe his plan.  Precinct delegates can apply this method when engaging the community for the 2024 election.

Change is an undeniable reality.  People have different reactions to this inevitability.  As  precinct delegates we should embrace change/primaries/elections/etc.  Look at the upcoming election as an opportunity to increase the value of Wayne County to the nation.   Our plan needs to include approaching eligible voters.  Once engaged, bring forward acceptable candidates.  We should focus our discussion on universal issues.  This will build the voter base.   

When change is imminent, confidence wanes.   A sense of assurance in fluid situations can be found in preparation.  Our Campaign Academy is a great way to prepare for the upcoming election season.  The WCRC will help you connect with candidates and find ways to support their campaigns. Together we can lay the foundation for victory in 2024. 

The full interview can be found

Chairwoman’s Champion

Name: Kevin C. Decker

Hero: The fast food laborer, they get treated awful by people who don’t want to make their own dinner. 

Favorite historical (deceased) person:  Abraham Lincoln, his arguments on natural law and natural liberty won me over in his 1858 debates against Stephen Douglas.  

When did you become politically involved?  I became an activist in 2020 and then a Precinct Field Officer for the 29th District.  

Secret talent:  Writing Prose and art. 

Would you ever run for office: Well, I’m a precinct delegate, beyond that, absolutely not, my job is to get candidates across the finish line no matter what. 

Motivation for volunteering?  Originally it was to get revenge back at the political class for what they did to us in 2020, now I just like the competition of winning. 

Favorite accomplishment as precinct delegate?  Helping win 6 campaign victories in 2 years by implementing precinct analysis and good old fashioned ground game door knocking, thousands of doors. 3 primary victories, 3 general election victories, and we’re working on a 7th victory in April, we’ll see.

Chairwoman’s Cheer:

Kevin has a passion for doing the right thing.    He has been an active participant in politics for years by volunteering in six campaigns to date.    He is currently involved in the Wayne County Republican Committee Campaign Academy Committee and will be working with Representative Jim DeSana to teach the Target Marketing and Door Knocking Class in January.    He is also committed to working on Representative Jim DeSana Campaign for re-election.  I am blessed to have seasoned people helping shape the WCRC workshops and classes to be more relevant in helping candidates.

From the Recipe Stash

Citrus Elderflower Bubbly

1 Gallon of your favorite Lemon/Lime Sparkling water or pop

½ bottle of Elderflower Syrup


Orange Wheels

Mix all ingredients together and garnish your glass with an orange wheel!

Origin unknown, sourced and recommended by Heather Hermann.