Wayne County Unofficial Candidate List

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2024 Candidates

Name: Articia Bomer

What you are running for: Wayne County Sheriff

Brief: I am running for Sheriff to freeze fraud from future elections! If we don’t tighten up on Election Integrity, we will continue to see a decline in voter rights.

Website: https://bomerforsheriff.my.canva.site/articia-bomer-a-native-detroiter-announces-sheriff-of-wayne-county

Contact information: 734-888-9862

The Articia Bomer 4 Sheriff Campaign is looking for volunteers for fundraising, marketing and door knocking.

Name: Gary Gardner

What you are running for: Michigan State Rep 15th District

Website: www.gardnerforstaterep.com

Contact information: 313-378-0277. gary@garyegardner.com

Name: Ron Kokinda 

What you are running for: Michigan State House District 2

Brief: I am running to make Michigan a manufacturing center once again, and bring back the well-paying jobs that can support a family on a single income, maintain a tax base, and secure our future. We can stop inflation by unleashing energy production, restoring our industry, and cutting funds for forever wars and green schemes.

Website: kokinda4mi.com

Contact information: Ron Kokinda for State Rep, P.O. Box 982, Allen Park, MI 48101. kokinda4MIHouse2@gmail.com

A brief list of the type of volunteers you may need to help you: Volunteers are need mainly to make direct contact with independents, through door knocking and phone calls. If you’re shy, there are always other ways to help.

Name: Sunny Reddy Middela

What you are running for: Wayne State University Board of Governors

Brief: Sunny is a successful entrepreneur, family man, and proud conservative. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from WSU in 1994 and is passionate about giving back to his alma mater.

Website: http://sunnyforwaynestate.com

Contact information: sunnyforwaynestate@gmail.com

A brief list of the type of volunteers you may need to help you: Seeking volunteers during the MIGOP Convention in August 2024.

Name: Dr. Sherry O’Donnell 

What you are running for: U.S. Senate

Brief: This election is about where we are headed as a nation and I believe we can be headed toward economic freedom, self-governance and prosperity here in Michigan. Too much has gone wrong in DC and together, we can set it right.

Website: https://www.docsherry2024.com/

Contact information: docsherry2024@gmail.com

A brief list of the type of volunteers you may need to help you: County Captains, gather signatures (in the short-term), making phone calls, writing Letters to the Editor, responding to social media and attend community events wearing a shirt.

Name: Alexandria Taylor

What you are running for: U.S. Senate

Brief: I’m running for MI US Senate as a Christian Conservative Patriot as a constitutional warrior to restore our state and country back to our true American values.I fight everyday in Michigan courts and would love for you to elect me, send me to Washington to fight for you!

Website: https://www.alexandriaforsenate.com/

Contact information: Alex@alexandriaforsenate.com or Chief of Staff – Kelly Davis (313)378-3992

A brief list of the type of volunteers you may need to help you: Would like volunteers to get signatures, pass out literature, make calls, door knock, and pray team.

WCRC Voter Integrity Program Overview

Updated: November 16, 2023
To: Wayne County Community
From: Ann F. Clark, Chair – Wayne County Republican Committee

Re: WCRC Voter Integrity Program Overview

As the new Chair of the Wayne County Republican Committee, I have started work on WCRC Election Integrity Projects for 2024 which includes:

Michigan Election Integrity State Director: is Morgan Ray, 248-70-9201 mray@gop.com. For Wayne County our contact will be Alex Richmond, Michigan Election Integrity Assistant, Republican National Committee 248-909-2708 or arichmond@gop.com.

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