October 2023 Newsletter

Reagan Dinner

The Reagan Dinner took place on September 28th at the Italian American Club in Livonia.  The room was elegantly decorated with American flags, photos and quotes of President Reagan reminiscent of  Reagan era State dinners.  The Reagan memorabilia table curated by Jim McPherson delighted guests.  Dinner was served family style at candlelit tables and enjoyed by all.  

Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck gave an encouraging speech comparing the challenges today with those of the first Republicans.  It was an illuminating message about our History and our future.  Listeners found themselves ready to rise to the upcoming challenge of 2024.

As the speech came to a close, Chairwoman Ann Clark thanked Patrick Colbeck, distracting him from the arrival of MIGOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo.  A surprise guest, Kristina carried with her the first Colbeck Leadership Award.  The trophy consists of five crystal pillars on an ebony base, each representing an outstanding characteristic of Senator Colbeck’s leadership.  

 Dr. Angie Colbeck, Patrick’s wife, joined her husband and a dozen roses.  Ann presented Patrick with an album of congratulatory letters from dignitaries across the nation.  Kristina read her letter of gratitude and congratulations aloud. It was a beautiful recollection of how Patrick had supported and encouraged her throughout her journey. The evening ended with many congratulations and conversations about the future of our  state.

Chairwoman’s Champion 

Lianna Styx

Favorite Historical Person: Ronald Reagan

When did you become politically involved? I started to get involved in politics in high school, but really became politically involved in 2020.

Secret talent: Knitting and the ability to get Legos out of my kids’ nose.

Would you ever run for office? I ran for school board in 2022, but I’m not sure if I would run again. 

Motivation for volunteering: My family, especially my kids.

Favorite accomplishment as a Precinct Delegate: My favorite accomplishment is joining the WCRC and assisting with the Treasurer position.

Chairwoman’s Cheer:  

Lianna, who just came on board recently as a Wayne 6 Committee Member, immediately got involved in volunteering.   As many know our current Treasurer was asked to serve as Deputy Treasurer for the MIGOP.   When asked, Lianna rose to the challenge and volunteered to be Assistant Treasurer to WCRC and to learn how to become a treasurer under the mentorship of Farhan Pervez.   It has been exciting to see her grow into this position so quickly.

Campaign Academy

Our “Winning in 2024” initiative includes the Wayne County Republican Campaign Academy. The 2024 Campaign Academy will set new standards for campaign education by Republicans in Wayne County. The workshop series will begin in January 2024 and continue over a 7 week period.

Slots for the second introductory session to the Campaign Academy are already filling up. This event is scheduled for November 29th at 7:00 p.m. at the Michigan Initiative Office, Taylor MI. Speakers for the introduction include Doug Reimel and Ann Clark.

Topics covered during the 7 week seminar include:

Absentee Vote Chase and Ballot Harvesting

Campaign Finance and Reporting


Fundraising and Event Management

Target Marketing

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Promotional & Campaign Items

These topics are chosen to effectively navigate the new arena of Michigan politics. Instructions from winning candidates and experienced fundraisers offer guidance and political connections that will see candidates, potential candidates, campaign staff and volunteers through the upcoming election season. Register today to maximize your potential for 2024.”


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